What is the current week? No more searching with WeekNumber52! Immediately get the number of the week and even the number of the day. You can also easily find the week number of a given date.

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WeekNumber52, presentation
WeekNumber52, presentation

What is it week number? With WeekNumber52, find the number of the current week. Whether you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, the week number and the day number will appear in a wink. It's simple, fast and free!

The rule of the week numbers

ISO-8601 assigns a number to each week of the year. A week that is shared for two years gets a number in the year with the most days. Thus Week 1 of any year is the one that contains January 4, or one which contains the first Thursday of January.

ISO recommendations

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has ruled in its international standard ISO-8601 that Monday would be the first day of the week. The weeks of a year are numbered from 01 to 52 (sometimes 53). A week represents about 23% of an average month.

Number of week numbers

Most years have 52 weeks (ie 52 week numbers) but the years that start on a Thursday and leap year starting on a Wednesday have 53. A week has seven days or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes or 604 800 seconds.